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J Med Chem. 1981 Dec;24(12):1432-7.

Alpha-adrenergic agents. 1. Direct-acting alpha 1 agonists related to methoxamine.


A series of phenylethylamines related to methoxamine has been prepared and evaluated for direct alpha 1-receptor agonist activity. It has been observed that for open-chain compounds such as methoxamine, in which the amine-containing portion is free to adopt numerous conformations, an hydroxyl group is necessary for direct alpha 1-adrenergic activity. When the hydroxyl is removed, however, the direct component of activity is greatly reduced unless the amine is incorporated into a more sterically defined structure. From our studies we have concluded that in order for a phenylethylamine to be active as a direct alpha 1-receptor agonist it should have a beta nitrogen in a fully extended conformation relative to a substituted phenyl ring. For optimum potency, the nitrogen should be exocyclic to a saturated six-membered ring. It may be further incorporated exocyclic or endocyclic into an additional ring as long as the amine occupies a well-defined region of space relative to the aromatic portion of a molecule. The ED50 values of some of the more potent compounds as alpha 1-receptor agonists are on the order of 1 X 10(-7) M.

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