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Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1981;31(2):58-69.

Conserved autosomal syntenic group on mouse (MMU) chromosome 15 and human (HSA) chromosome 22: assignment of a gene for arylsulfatase A to MMU 15 and regional mapping of DIA1, ARSA, and ACO2 on HSA 22.


We have utilized a panel of Chinese hamster x mouse somatic cell hybrids segregating mouse chromosomes to assign a gene for arylsulfatase A (ARSA) to mouse chromosome 15. Considering our previous assignment of a gene for diaphorase-1 (DIA1) to the same mouse chromosome, we have evidence for another syntenic relationship that has been conserved, since the homologous loci for human ARSA and DIA1 are both located on human chromosome 22. Because MMU 15 and HSA 22 are quite dissimilar in size and banding patterns, we have attempted to identify the conserved portion by regional mapping of human DIA1 and ARSA using somatic cell hybrids segregating a human chromosome translocation t(15;22)(q14;q13.31). The results assign human DIA1 and ARSA to the distal sub-band of 22q13 (region 22q13.31 leads to qter). The locus for mitochondrial aconitase (ACO2) has been separated by the breakpoint from DIA1 and ARSA and is located more proximally.

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