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Brain Res. 1981 Jun 9;214(1):127-35.

Somatostatin-28, somatostatin-14 and somatostatin analogs: effects on thermoregulation.


Somatostatins, somatostatin-14, somatostatin-28, and desAA [D-Trp8]-somatostatin, with differential potencies, act in the brain to reverse chemical-induced hypothermia and to produce hyperthermia. Somatostatins are more potent and loger acting than prostaglandin E2 in producing hyperthermia. Hyperthermia, induced by somatostatins, is not prevented by previous treatment with the prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor indomethacin. Somtostatins given to obese ob/ob mice prevent development of lethal hypothermia and result in maintenance of euthermia. Continuous infusion of somatostatins results in desensitization to the hyperthermic effects of these peptides. Endogenous somatostatins may be involved in regulation of body temperature.

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