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Gene. 1984 Dec;32(3):369-79.

New Tn10 derivatives for transposon mutagenesis and for construction of lacZ operon fusions by transposition.


We describe below several new variants of the tetracycline-resistance transposon Tn10 which are more useful than the wild-type transposon for many types of genetic and physical analysis of bacteria. These derivatives have one or more of the following new properties: (i) new drug resistance markers; (ii) high transposition frequencies; (iii) removal of the transposase gene to a position outside of the transposing segment; (iv) internal deletions which eliminate the ability of Tn10 to make adjacent deletion/inversions; or (v) addition of a trp-lac operon fusion segment just inside one terminus such that insertion can automatically generate a transcriptional fusion to the interrupted operon. Phage and plasmid vehicles carrying these new elements are described.

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