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EMBO J. 1984 Dec 1;3(12):2809-16.

Multiple non-allelic genes encoding pancreatic alpha-amylase of mouse are expressed in a strain-specific fashion.


The number of active Amy-2 genes has been estimated in strain CE/J mice which produce four distinct electrophoretic forms of alpha-amylase in their pancreas. cDNA cloning and DNA sequence analysis discloses five distinct mRNA sequences which differ by approximately 1% of their nucleotides. Two of these mRNAs specify the same protein. Changes in the nucleotide sequences result in amino acid replacements that alter the net charges of the deduced proteins. This has allowed a tentative assignment of individual mRNAs to isozymes detected by electrophoresis. Quantitative Southern blot hybridization using a DNA probe specific for the first exon of Amy-2 reveals the presence of greater than 10 Amy-2 related sequences per haploid CE/J genome. Models which could account for the mouse strain-specific differences with respect to the number of pancreatic alpha-amylase isozymes and their variable but genetically determined quantitative ratios are discussed.

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