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Mol Gen Genet. 1984;197(2):337-41.

Cloning of the repressor protein gene of iron-regulated systems in Escherichia coli K12.


In Escherichia coli the iron uptake systems are regulated by the fur gene product. The synthesis of the outer membrane proteins fiu, fepA, fecA, fhuA, fhuE and cir is derepressed at low iron concentrations in the medium or constitutive in a fur mutant. The fur gene region cloned into pACYC184 was analysed by restriction analysis, Tn1000 mutagenesis and complementation studies. The presence of fur+ plasmids repressed synthesis of the proteins fepA, fecA, fhuE and cir in a chromosomal fur mutant. More quantitatively, the repression to wild-type levels was shown with lac fusions to the genes fiu, fepA and cir. In minicells an 18,000 dalton protein was identified as the fur gene product. Correlated with the fur protein a slightly smaller protein, possibly a degradation product, was observed. The gene fur was mapped on the E. coli chromosome near nagA at about 15.5 min.

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