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Gene. 1984 Oct;30(1-3):113-20.

Nucleotide sequence of the transposable element IS15.


We have determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the right (R) copy of the insertion sequence IS15 which flanks, in direct orientation, the composite transposon Tn1525. IS15-R, which is capable of independent transposition, is 1648 bp long and has short (14 bp) perfect inverted repeats at its termini. Analysis of the nucleotide sequence indicates that IS15-R results from the transposition, in direct orientation, of a smaller (820 bp long) IS, designated IS15-delta, into itself. This integration event is accompanied by the duplication of 8 bp in the target DNA. IS15-delta possesses two large overlapping open reading frames (ORF) located on opposite strands. Because of this particular structure, IS15 possesses four large ORFs which, due to the integration event, exhibit some differences with those of the parental IS15-delta.

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