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EMBO J. 1984 Nov;3(11):2511-6.

Expression of a human alpha-globin/fibronectin gene hybrid generates two mRNAs by alternative splicing.


We have isolated genomic clones for human fibronectin (FN), by screening a human gene library with previously isolated FN cDNA clones. We have recently reported two different FN mRNAs, one of them containing an additional 270 nucleotide insert coding for a structural domain ED. Restriction mapping and DNA sequencing of the genomic clones show that the ED type III unit corresponds to exactly one exon in the gene, whilst the two flanking type III units are split in two exons at variable positions. When an alpha-globin/FN gene hybrid construct, containing the ED exon, flanking introns and neighbouring FN exons, is transfected into HeLa cells, two hybrid mRNAs differing by the ED exon are synthesized. These experiments confirmed that the two FN mRNAs observed in vivo arise from the same gene by alternative splicing.

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