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Nature. 1984 Dec 13-19;312(5995):646-9.

Participation of p53 cellular tumour antigen in transformation of normal embryonic cells.


The cellular tumour antigen p53 is found at elevated levels in a wide variety of transformed cells (for reviews see refs 1, 2). Very little is yet known about the precise relationship of p53 to malignant transformation. Although the increase in p53 levels could be a secondary by-product of the transformed state, it is equally possible that p53 is actively involved in altering cellular growth properties, especially as it has been implicated in the regulation of normal cell proliferation. We sought to test whether p53 could behave in a manner similar to known genes in a biological test system, and we demonstrate here that p53 can cooperate with the activated Ha-ras oncogene to transform normal embryonic cells. The resultant foci contain cells of a markedly altered morphology which produce high levels of p53. Cell lines established from such foci elicit tumours in syngeneic animals.

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