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Eur J Immunol. 1984 Oct;14(10):922-30.

The immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (Igh-V) locus in the mouse. I. One hundred Igh-V genes comprise seven families of homologous genes.


Seven families of Igh-V genes have been defined by Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA from eighteen inbred strains of mice. Each of twenty-four cloned Vh genes hybridized to one of seven nonoverlapping sets of Eco RI restriction fragments. These families contain from 2 to approximately 40 hybridizing fragments. From these data we estimate that the mouse Igh-V locus consists of one hundred Vh genes. Genes within a Vh family share greater than 80% sequence homology while the sequence homology between families is generally less than 70%. There is extensive restriction fragment length polymorphism among the strains analyzed allowing the assignment of complete (Igh-V + Igh-C) Igh haplotypes for eighteen inbred mouse strains.

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