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Cell. 1984 Oct;38(3):889-900.

The dnaA protein complex with the E. coli chromosomal replication origin (oriC) and other DNA sites.


Specific binding of dnaA protein to the E. coli origin of replication (oriC) is essential for initiation of chromosomal replication. Based on binding of plasmid DNA fragments, dnaA protein recognizes in addition to oriC a number of specific sites: within or near the replication origins of pSC101, pBR322, and ColE1; within the regulatory regions of the dnaA and "X-protein" genes; and in IRL-Tn5. All strong binding sites share a common 9 bp sequence, 5'-TTATCACACAA, repeated at four conserved positions within oriC. As shown by DNAase I footprinting, dnaA protein binding is highly cooperative, covering 250 bp at oriC and 100 bp at single 9 bp sequence sites. Consistent with filter-binding and nuclease-protection studies, complexes of 20 to 30 dnaA monomers are visualized at oriC and other sites by electron microscopy. The functions of dnaA complexes and 9 bp sequences at these sites are discussed.

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