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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1984 Sep 17;123(2):515-27.

Effect of native and synthetic atrial natriuretic factor on cyclic GMP.


Mammalian atrial cardiocyte granules contain a potent natriuretic and diuretic peptide. Since cGMP appears to be involved in the modulation of cholinergic and toxin-induced sodium transport, we examined the effect of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) on this nucleotide. Atrial but not ventricular extracts elicited approximately a 28-fold increase of urinary cGMP excretion parallel to the natriuresis and diuresis. The atrial extracts also elevated cGMP levels in kidney slices and primary cultures of renal tubular cells. The effect of ANF on cGMP appeared to be specific since antibodies which were capable of inhibiting the ANF-induced diuresis also suppressed cGMP excretion. Furthermore, during the course of ANF purification, the ANF-induced increase of cGMP production by kidney cells paralleled the heightened specific natriuretic activity of the atrial factor. A synthetic peptide (8-33)-ANF similarly increased urinary plasma and kidney tubular cGMP levels. The exact mechanism of action of ANF on cGMP remains to be elucidated, but indirect inhibition of cGMP phosphodiesterase appears to participate in its effect.

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