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Nucleic Acids Res. 1984 Aug 24;12(16):6587-601.

Nucleotide sequence and genome organization of foot-and-mouth disease virus.


A continuous 7802 nucleotide sequence spanning the 94% of foot and mouth disease virus RNA between the 5'-proximal poly(C) tract and the 3'-terminal poly(A) was obtained from cloned cDNA, and the total size of the RNA genome was corrected to 8450 nucleotides. A long open reading frame was identified within this sequence starting about 1300 bases from the 5' end of the RNA genome and extending to a termination codon 92 bases from its polyadenylated 3' end. The protein sequence of 2332 amino acids deduced from this coding sequence was correlated with the 260 K FMDV polyprotein. Its processing sites and twelve mature viral proteins were inferred from protein data, available for some proteins, a predicted cleavage specificity of an FMDV encoded protease for Glu/Gly(Thr, Ser) linkages, and homologies to related proteins from poliovirus. In addition, a short unlinked reading frame of 92 codons has been identified by sequence homology to the polyprotein initiation signal and by in vitro translation studies.

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