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Pflugers Arch. 1984 Jun;401(2):178-84.

Inward-rectifying channels in isolated patches of the heart cell membrane: ATP-dependence and comparison with cell-attached patches.


Inward rectifying potassium single-channel currents were studied in the membrane of guinea pig cardiac myocytes. In isolated inside-out patches two different channels were observed: a channel of 25 pS conductance ([K+]o = 147 mM, T = 21 degrees C), if the solution at the cytoplasmic face of the patch contained 4 mM ATP and a channel of 80 pS conductance without ATP. The 25-pS-channel was also regularly seen in cell-attached patches (Sakmann and Trube 1984a,b), but the 80-pS-channel appeared only after inhibiting cellular metabolism by DNP. The percentage of time which the 25-pS-channel spent in the open state was 3.3 times larger in isolated patches compared to cell-attached patches. However, both types of single channel currents disappeared several minutes after the isolation of the patches. In contrast to the 25-pS-channel, the 80-pS-channel, which is activated by the lack of ATP, carried measurable outward currents saturating at 1.5 pA (inward rectification). It is suggested that the 80-pS-channel mediates part of the increase in potassium current during metabolic inhibition. The openings of this channel appeared in bursts. The mean open time was 1.6 ms and the mean duration of the gaps within bursts 0.33 ms at -80 mV.

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