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Plasmid. 1984 May;11(3):206-20.

Genetic and molecular characterization of the Pseudomonas plasmid pVS1.


A restriction map of the 30-kb nonconjugative Pseudomonas plasmid pVS1 was constructed. Derivatives of pVS1 obtained in vitro by successive deletions were used to localize on the physical map the determinant for resistance to mercuric ions (carried by transposon Tn501), the gene(s) encoding sulfonamide resistance, a 1.6-kb region affecting plasmid stability and establishment in P. fluorescens ATCC 13525, and a segment required for mobilization of pVS1 by plasmid RP1. The sulfonamide resistance determinant of pVS1 appeared to be closely related to that of transposon Tn21. A mini-pVS1 replicon, pME259, consisting of an essential 1.55-kb segment (designated rep and thought to carry the origin of replication) and a mercury resistance determinant was able to replicate P. aeruginosa PAO but selective pressure was needed for plasmid maintenance. The copy number of pVS1 derivatives was estimated to be 6-8 per chromosome equivalent. Plasmids possessing the essential rep segment plus the adjacent stability region could be established in strains of P. aeruginosa, P. putida, P. fluorescens, P. acidovorans, P. cepacia, P. mendocina, P. stutzeri, P. syringae, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, and Rhizobium leguminosarum.

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