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Ophthalmology. 1984 Dec;91(12):1573-81.

Natural history of choroidal neovascularization in degenerative myopia.


We studied 354 eyes with myopic chorioretinal degeneration by means of standard clinical evaluation and fluorescein angiography. The eyes were classified on the basis of the degree of chorioretinal degeneration found in the posterior pole. Lacquer cracks (breaks in Bruch's membrane) were noted in 82% of the 149 eyes with choroidal neovascular membranes (CNM) and in 96% of the 58 eyes with isolated subretinal hemorrhages. These hemorrhages were reabsorbed without adverse visual sequelae in 32 eyes that were followed; in 14 of these eyes that were followed closely, the average time of reabsorption was 6.4 weeks. Seventy eyes with CNM were followed for an average of 40.9 months. In 96% of these eyes the CNM remained stable or regressed, leaving an atrophic, nonexudative scar. This study indicates that CNM in degenerative myopia is usually self-limited.

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