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Biochem J. 1966 Jul;100(1):138-45.

The isolation and properties of delta-tocotrienol from Hevea latex.


1. delta-Tocotrienol (8-methyltocotrienol) was isolated from the latex of Hevea brasiliensis. This new member of the tocopherol family is a pale-yellow oil at room temperature. 2. The properties of delta-tocotrienol are very similar to those of delta-tocopherol and the small differences can be explained by the change in side chain. 3. The ultraviolet and infrared spectra of delta-tocotrienol were determined and a conversion factor for use with the Emmerie-Engel reaction was worked out. Details are given for the chromatography of delta-tocotrienol on thin layers (adsorption and partition) and reversed-phase paper, and the nitroso derivatives were formed. 4. An ethyl carbonate ester of delta-tocotrienol was prepared and compared with a similar ester of delta-tocopherol. 5. Hydroxymethylation of delta-tocotrienol followed by reduction gave beta-tocotrienol as a major product.

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