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Pflugers Arch. 1979 Feb 14;379(1):105-8.

Muscle glycogen depletion patterns in fast twitch fibre subgroups of man during submaximal and supramaximal exercise.


Muscle glycogen depletion in ST, FTa and FTb fibres were studied in human subjects undergoing two distinctly different modes of bicycle exercise. Two hours of submaximal exercise (60% of VO2 max) produced a 77% decline in muscle glycogen concentration accompanied by only minor elevations in muscle and blood lactate levels whereas 10 one minute supramaximal work bouts resulted in a 52% decrease in total glycogen concentration and substantially elevated muscle and blood lactate contents. Moreover the patterns of glycogen depletion in the two conditions were also distinctly different. Based on the PAS staining intensity, glycogen was depleted the most in ST fibres and least in FTb fibres, during submaximal work. During supramaximal work FTb fibres were the lightest in PAS staining, with little loss of glycogen from ST fibres. In both situations the loss of glycogen in the FTa fibres was intermediate compared to the other two fibre types. These data support a selective recruitment of muscle fibres during work of different intensities, and further, suggest a physiological basis for the subgrouping of FT fibres in man.

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