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In Vitro. 1977 Sep;13(9):537-47.

Clonal growth of chinese hamster cell lines in protein-free media.


A protein-free synthetic medium, MCDB 301, has been developed for clonal growth of Chinese hamster ovary cell lines. Medium F12 was developed originally for that purpose, but later failed to support good growth without small amounts of serum protein. Growth was restored by the addition of nonphysiological amounts of commercially prepared thyroxine or smaller amounts of the trace element selenium. The thyroxine preparation was shown to contain sufficient selenium to account for all of its growth-promoting activity. MCDB 301 contains increased concentrations of calcium chloride and glutamine, and a smaller amount of cysteine than medium F12. It also has been supplemented with 19 inorganic ions, in addition to selenium and those in medium F12, in order to insure against possible future deficiencies as chemicals are purified further. A Chinese hamster lung line which will not grow in MCDB 301 alone will grow when the medium is supplemented either with methylcellulose or with insulin. The growth-promoting activity is thought to be an impurity shared in common by both substances. The probable "essential" role of impurities in cellular growth in most synthetic media and the problems involved in attempting to develop a truly "defined" medium are discussed.

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