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Cell. 1977 Apr;10(4):571-85.

The primary structure of rabbit beta-globin mRNA as determined from cloned DNA.


The rabbit beta-globin DNA insertion of the hybrid plasmid PbetaG1 (Maniatis et al., 1976) was sequenced by the method of Maxam and Gilbert (1977). A sequence of 576 nucleotides was determined and verified by pyrimidine tract analysis of double-stranded DNA, synthesized in vitro starting from beta-globin mRNA. The derived sequence is in complete agreement with previously reported partial mRNA sequencing data and with the predictions from the primary structure of the protein. Moreover, the globin DNA insertion is missing only 13 nucleotides corresponding to the 5' terminal sequence of the mRNA. The rabbit beta-globin mRNA consists of a coding region of 438 nucleotides, flanked by a 5' noncoding region of 56 nucleotides (including the initiation codon AUG but not the 7-methyl-guanine of the "cap structure") and by a 3' noncoding region of 95 nucleotides (including a UGA termination codon). The features of the mRNA sequence are discussed with specific attention to the selective use of particular codons, the probable existence extensively base-paired segments at the 5' terminal region and the ribosome binding site. The faithful representation of beta-globin mRNA in the PbetaG1 DNA insertion establishes the validity of used cloned DNA, initially derived from double-stranded DNA transcripts of mRNA, for studying the structure of eucaryotic genes.

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