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J Clin Pathol. 1971 Apr;24(3):250-8.

An assessment of platelet aggregation induced by 5-hydroxytryptamine.


A method of expressing platelet aggregation response after incubation relative to the response before incubation has been used in preference to using direct measurements, and some reasons are given for this choice. The effect of pre-incubating human platelets with reserpine has been compared with the effect of pre-incubation with 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT). Reserpine inhibited 5HT-induced aggregation more slowly than 5HT and on this basis their actions could be distinguished. It was found that the aggregation response of human platelets to 5HT without pre-incubation (R) is inversely proportional to the natural 5HT content of whole blood, and an explanation has been suggested.A decrease in the aggregation response of human platelets to 5HT without pre-incubation (R) with increasing age has been noted, and is commented upon with reference to the release of amines from blood platelets. Platelets in plasma obtained from control subjects and incubated with methysergide and from migrainous patients taking methysergide both have reduced aggregation responses to 5HT. Platelets incubated with clonidine (St155) do not have reduced aggregation responses. A potentiating effect was noted after 20 minutes' incubation, but platelets from migraine patients taking St155 behaved normally. Tyramine affected the response of platelets to 5HT, giving results similar to those reported for reserpine. The differences between the aggregation responses to 5HT of platelets from migraine patients and normal control subjects are discussed.

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