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Br J Pharmacol. 1969 Sep;37(1):314-24.

Capacitance changes in frog skin caused by theophylline and antidiuretic hormone.


1. Impedance loci for frog skins have been calculated by computer analysis from voltage transients developed across the tissues.2. Attention has been paid to simultaneous changes in conductance and capacitance of skins treated either with antidiuretic hormone (ADH) or with theophylline. These drugs always caused an increase in conductance and usually the skin capacitance also increased. However, changes in conductance were not correlated with capacitance changes.3. Changes in capacitance caused by the drugs may represent pore formation in the barrier to water flow, since both drugs increase hydro-osmotic flow in epithelia. If this interpretation is correct, then 0.14% of the membrane area forms water-permeable pores in response to a maximal dose of ADH. This value is somewhat less than the value obtained previously (0.3%) by graphical analysis.4. A theoretical account is given of the relative accuracy of the computer method and the graphical method for voltage transient analysis.

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