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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1971 Jun;68(6):1143-6.

Heavy-chain variable regions in normal and pathological immunolobulins.


Aminoacid sequence analysis of immunoglobulin G heavy chains from each of 15 normal individuals showed the presence of VHIII subgroup sequences in all individuals, to an extent of about 15-25% of the total. Therefore, different subgroups of the heavy-chain variable region are not products of alleles of a single gene.N-terminal aminoacid sequences were determined for ten heavy chains of myeloma proteins that belonged to the VHIII subgroup. Our results demonstrate the existence of a "hypervariable" region of sequence between positions 30 and 35, homologous to one of the three hypervariable regions of light chains. At several positions, variants of the basic sequence are repeated in different proteins. It is likely that such variants are derived from several recently evolved genes that constitute the VHIII subgroup.

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