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J Bacteriol. 1969 Apr;98(1):205-14.

D-Tyrosine as a metabolic inhibitor of Bacillus subtilis.


The d-isomer of tyrosine is a potent inhibitor of growth in transformable strain 168 of Bacillus subtilis. A d-tyrosine-resistant mutant of the inhibited strain was isolated which excreted l-tyrosine, had a diminished growth rate, and required l-phenylalanine to attain the growth rate of the wild-type parent. Mapping by deoxyribonucleate transformation located this resistance in the gene coding for prephenate dehydrogenase. This enzyme in the d-tyrosine-resistant mutant was insensitive to the usual feedback inhibition exerted by l-tyrosine in extracts of strain 168. In contrast, the growth of poorly transformable strain 23 of B. subtilis, as well as that of several other Bacillus species, was not affected by the analogue. Transformation mapping demonstrated no linkage of this latter "natural resistance" to several different aromatic markers. Prephenate dehydrogenase in extracts from strain 23 was as sensitive as that from strain 168 to feedback inhibition by l-tyrosine in vitro. The relationships of the latter results to the regulation of tyrosine biosynthesis and the possible nature of strain differences in d-tyrosine sensitivity are discussed.

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