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Zentralbl Bakteriol Naturwiss. 1979;134(3):209-16.

Effect of organic matter supplementation on nitrogen transformations in soils. I. Chemical and bacteriological changes.


The effect of supplementation with different organic materials on nitrogen transformations and on certain bacterial groups in soil was studied. Addition of wide C/N ratio organic matter, sawdust and maize stalks prevented NO3-N from being lost through leaching out or dentrification and favoured the development of Azotobacter and N2-fixing clostridia that in turn resulted in marked gains in nitrogen through N2-fixation. Nitrifying bacteria were adversely affected. Application of such materials together with high amounts of NH4NO3 lessened nitrogen losses in drainage water but increased losses through denitrification. Nitrogen-rich organic matter resulted in higher losses in nitrates from soils in comparison to those of wide C/N ratio organic materials.

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