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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1971 Aug;68(8):1673-7.

Lipopolysaccharide and aldoheptose biosynthesis in transketolase mutants of Salmonella typhimurium.


Genetic and biochemical evidence that sedoheptulose-7-phosphate is an obligatory precursor of the L-glycero-D-mannoheptose residues of the lipopolysaccharide of Salmonella was obtained by isolation and characterization of transketolase-negative mutants of Salmonella typhimurium. These mutants, which are defective in synthesis of sedoheptulose-7-phosphate, were found to produce an incomplete heptose-deficient lipopolysaccharide, and were also sensitive to bile salts, a characteristic property of heptose-deficient mutants. Phenotypic repair of the defect in lipopolysaccharide synthesis was obtained by addition of exogenous sedoheptulose-7-phosphate to growing cultures of the mutant strains. Characterization of revertants isolated either as transketolase-positive or heptose-positive provided further evidence that the heptose deficiency resulted from mutation at the transketolase locus. On the basis of these findings a possible pathway for conversion of sedoheptulose-7-phosphate to L-glycero-D-mannoheptose is proposed.

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