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J Bacteriol. 1969 Dec;100(3):1342-9.

Alterations in the phospholipid composition of Escherichia coli B during growth at different temperatures.


The major phospholipid classes of Escherichia coli B, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, cardiolipin, and phosphatidyl glycerol, were quantitated at different stages of the growth cycle. The organisms were incubated at both 27 and 37 C. Significant differences were observed both in the amounts of total lipid phosphorus per gram (dry weight) of cells and in the relative percentages of the individual phospholipids. At 37 C the total amount of lipid phosphorus decreased significantly throughout the growth cycle. However, at 27 C total lipid phosphorus accumulated. The patterns of the three major phospholipid classes of Escherichia coli exhibited complex quantitative changes. In addition, some evidence based on glycerol to phosphate molar ratios indicated that phosphatidyl glycerolphosphate replaced phosphatidyl glycerol during the late growth stages of E. coli B when grown at 27 C. A comparative analysis of phospholipid and fatty acid patterns led to a hypothesis attempting to explain some reported variations in the lipid composition of E. coli under different conditions of growth.

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