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Eur J Biochem. 1979 Oct;100(1):189-96.

[Characterisation of a new endopeptidase from sporulating Bacillus sphaericus which is specific for the gamma-D-glutamyl-L-lysine and gamma-D-glutamyl-(L)meso-diaminopimelate linkages of peptidoglycan substrates (author's transl)].

[Article in French]


A new peptidase which splits substrates related to the peptidic chains of peptidoglycans was found in the cell cytoplasm of sporulating Bacillus sphaericus. This is a gamma-D-glutamyl-L-diaminoacid endopeptidase (endopeptidase II). It was shown to have substrate requirements different from those of the previously described gamma-D-glutamyl-(L)meso-diaminopimelate endopeptidase (endopeptidase I). The substrates for endopeptidase II are peptides of the general type: formula: (see text). Unsubstituted N-terminal L-alanine was a strict requirement for endopeptidase II activity. Specific activities were variable with the nature and the substitution of the diaminoacid C-terminal groups. The role of endopeptidase II in the biosynthesis of the spore cortex is discussed.

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