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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1979 Oct 5;556(3):533-47.

A general kinetic analysis of transport. Tests of the carrier model based on predicted relations among experimental parameters.


The analysis of transport kinetics has lacked both a unified treatment in which general rate equations are written entirely in terms of experimental parameters, and a convention by which these parameters may be designated in a concise yet immediately recognizable manner. Such a treatment is presented here in an easily accessible form, and a simple system of nomenclature is proposed resembling that in use in enzyme kinetics. The treatment is independent of assumptions about rate-limiting steps in transport, and applies to both active and facilitated systems, including obligatory exchange. A single substrate is characterized by twelve different parameters, only five of which are required in theory to calculate the others. If a second substrate is present on the trans side of the membrane there are six more parameters. All eighteen parameters are linked by multiple relationships which provide a complete set of rejection criteria for the generalized form of the mobile carrier. Relationships among parameters are also defined that give information on the rate-limiting steps in transport. Equations governing any individual experiment, involving only experimental parameters, are easily written out from the general expressions, for example under conditions of zero trans and infinite trans flux, equilibrium exchange, or competitive inhibition.

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