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Physiol Bohemoslov. 1976;25(2):139-45.

Study of cystinaminopeptidase heterogeneity in animal sera by the isoelectric focusing method.


Study of the quantitative distribution of cystinaminopeptidase activity in the serum of pregnant and control animals (cow, sheep and rat) by the isoelectric focusing method showed heterogeneity of the cystinaminopeptidase activity of the animals' serum enzymatic system, which was well pronounced in the cow and rat and less pronounced in the sheep. The authors assume from their results that the principal difference between the pregnant and control animals is not the total increase in the level of activity of the enzyme in question, but the shift in its incidence, or the increase in activity at a given pH. It is possible that pregnancy, in man and animals, produces in the serum cystinaminopeptidase system (which is evidently heterogeneous even under normal, physiological conditions) given changes, i.e. the formation of new fractions with a different pI from the controls; other fractions disappear, or their activity diminishes.

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