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Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1976 Apr;151(4):811-6.

Action of histamine and its receptor blockers on uterine circulation in sheep.


Effects of iv and ia administration of histamine and its H1 and H2 blockers (diphenhydramine and metiamide) on systemic arterial pressure, heart rate, and uterine and iliac blood flows were investigated in unanesthetized, chronically instrumented nonpregnant ewes. Intravenous histamine produced tachycardia, hypotension, and decreased iliac and uterine blood flows. In contrast, ia injections produced a significant increase in blood flows in these vascular beds which was dose-dependent. Evidence is presented to show that some of the circulatory actions of histamine may be related to stimulation of H1 while others may be related to H2 receptors. The peripheral circulatory action produced by iv histamine is probably secondary to its effects on reducing cardiac output. The uterine and iliac vascular beds contain mostly H1 receptors since their response to histamine can be blocked almost totally by Benadryl and not by H2 antagonist metiamide.

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