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Am J Clin Nutr. 1979 Aug;32(8):1570-4.

Loss of body nitrogen on fasting.


An analysis of the change in total body nitrogen during fasting shows that it declines exponentially, a small fraction being lost rapidly (t 1/2 of a few days), and the remainder being lost slowly (t 1/2 of many months). The obese faster loses N, and weight, at a slower relative rate than the nonobese; and the ratio of N loss to weight loss during an extended fast is inversely related to body fat content, being about 20 g/kg in the nonobese and about 10 g/kg in those with body fat burdens of 50 kg or more. The loss of body N on a low protein-calorie adequate diet can also be described in exponential terms, and this function allows an estimate to be made of the N requirement.

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