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Appl Microbiol. 1973 Feb;25(2):295-300.

Rapid methods for extracting autolysins from Bacillus subtilis.


Two procedures are described for the extraction of autolysins from whole cells. One method uses 5 M LiCl at 4 C. The amount of enzyme obtained by this method is six times more than that obtained by autolysis of cell walls and fourteen times more than that obtained by extracting cell walls with LiCl. With the other method, cells are extracted with 2% Triton X-100. This is less efficient than the LiCl method but yields about one-half the amount of enzyme obtained by cell wall autolysis and about the same amount as obtained by extracting cell walls with salt. Both procedures yield autolysin with multiple pH optima. Autolysins can be extracted from several bacterial species by either the LiCl or the detergent method. The data suggest that these techniques have sufficient sensitivity to detect small differences in autolytic activity among mutants and various organisms and are also suitable for large-scale isolation of autolysin for purification and characterization studies.

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