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Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1972 Jul 15;113(6):766-70.

Plama estradiol, estriol, and progesterone in human pregnancy. II. Clinical applications in Rh-isoimmunization disease.



The relationships between estradiol, estriol, and progesterone in Rh-isoimmunization disease are described. Plasma specimens from 12 patients with anti-Rh titers of 1:16 or greater were studied by radioligand and radioimmunoassay. The concentrations of progesterone in 8 patients severely affected were significantly elevated (p less than .05). Estradiol levels were less consistent, with only 2 patients having values above the mean. The mean estriol level averaged 75% of normal but was not significantly low (p more than .1). The 4 patients with mild Rh-isoimmunization disease had levels not markedly different from normal values. 3 of the 12 patients demonstrated estradiol/estriol ratios outside the 95% confidence interval and all 3 ended in either intrauterine fetal death (2) or neonatal death (1). Normal ratios of both estradiol/estriol and progesterone/estriol were found in 6 of the 12 patients and were associated with good fetal prognosis. 4 of 6 patients who showed rising progesterone/estriol ranges outside the 95% confidence interval resulted in either stillbirths (2) or neonatal deaths (2). The simultaneous utilization of these 2 hormone ratios is necessary for predicting fetal well-being in patients with Rh-isoimmunization disease and may be helpful in the follow-up of patients who undergo intrauterine fetal transfusion.

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