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Genetics. 1974 Apr;76(4):745-53.

Are mitotic functions required in meiosis?


Sporulation of diploid yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), homozygous or heterozygous for temperature-sensitive mitotic cell-cycle mutations, was examined at the restrictive and permissive temperatures. Twenty genes, represented by 32 heterozygotes and 60 homozygotes, were divided into three groups, showing (i) normal sporulation, (ii) no sporulation at the restrictive temperature but normal sporulation at the permissive temperature, (iii) no sporulation at both temperatures. Group (i) as well as several other strains were tested for their meiotic behavior with regard to intragenic recombination and haploidization. The conclusion reached was that all the mitotic nuclear-division and DNA-synthesis functions were required in meiosis. The only cell-division mutations not to affect meiosis were in three cytokinesis loci and in one budemergence locus.

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