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Genetics. 1979 Feb;91(2):295-308.

Use of two-dimensional electrophoresis to identify and map new mouse genes.


Cytosol polypeptides from mouse liver have been examined using two-dimensional electrophoresis. About 250 spots were readily discernible. When cytosols from strains BALB/cBy and C57BL/6By were compared eight genetically determined differences were observed. Other strain pairs show comparable numbers of differences. These eight phenotypes were scored in seven recombinant inbred lines derived from the two parental strains, and their strain distribution patterns were compared with previously determined patterns for other genetic markers that differ between the two progenitor strains. Using this information, tentative chromosomes assignments for the genes controlling five of the variant phenotypes have been made, and two of the assignments have been confirmed using congenic resistant strains. These eight genes will be useful reference markers in future crosses designed to map new genes.

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