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J Virol. 1968 Oct;2(10):955-61.

Defectiveness of interferon production and of rubella virus interference in a line of African green monkey kidney cells (Vero).


Vero cells, a line of African green monkey kidney cells, failed to produce interferon when infected with Newcastle disease, Sendai, Sindbis, and rubella viruses, although the cells were sensitive to interferon. Further, infection of Vero cells with rubella virus did not result in interference with the replication of echovirus 11, Newcastle disease virus, or vesicular stomatitis virus, even in cultures where virtually every cell was infected with rubella virus. Under the same conditions, BSC-1 cells and other cells of primate origin produced interferon and showed rubella virus interference. The results indicate that the presence of rubella virus in the cell does not in itself exclude multiplication of other viruses and that rubella virus interference appears to be linked to the capability of the cell to produce interferon.

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