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J Bacteriol. 1974 Oct;120(1):450-7.

Induction of Neurospora crassa laccase with protein synthesis inhibitors.


Rapidly growing Neurospora crassa does not produce laccase (p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase; EC Low concentrations of cycloheximide induce the production of this enzyme, most of which is secreted into the media. In general, limited inhibition of protein synthesis seems to derepress laccase synthesis since actinomycin D and, to a limited extent, puromycin also induce laccase production. Similarities in the conditions of laccase and tyrosinase induction, plus investigations with two tyrosinase regulatory mutants, suggest that the production of these two phenol oxidases is controlled by the same mechanism. As shown by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, most of the 10 to 12 proteins normally present in the medium virtually disappear during cycloheximide treatment. In contrast, the amounts of two proteins that are present in only very minor quantities, if at all, in normal culture filtrates increase dramatically. One of these proteins co-migrates with laccase, whereas the other has not been identified.

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