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J Bacteriol. 1974 Apr;118(1):270-4.

Uptake of nitrite by Neurospora crassa.


Like the nitrate transport system, the nitrite uptake system in Neurospora crassa is induced by either nitrate or nitrite. This induction is prevented by cycloheximide, puromycin, or 6-methyl purine. The K(m) for nitrite of the induced nitrite uptake system is 86 muM, and the V(max) is 100 mumol of nitrite per g (wet weight) per h. Nitrite uptake is inhibited by metabolic poisons such as arsenate, dinitrophenol, cyanide, and antimycin A. No repression or inhibition of the nitrite transport system by ammonia, nitrate, or Casamino Acids was observed.

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