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Zentralbl Gynakol. 1970 Apr 11;92(15):457-60.

[Effect of various ovulation inhibitors in different female constitutional types].

[Article in German]



269 women grouped into 3 hormonal types received either an androgenic norsteroid, an estrogenic, or a new balanced sequential oral contraceptive, and their weight, bust, waist, and hip dimensions and libido and orgasmic capacity were noted before and after taking the pills for some time. The pills were the norsteroid Stediril (.05 mg mestranol and 1 mg ethynodiol diacetate). The new balanced sequential was Biogest (.08 mg mestranol Days 5-15, and .08 mg mestranol and .25 mg chlorsuperlutin, Days 16-25); the estrogenic pills were Sterolibrin (16 mg mestranol and 1 mg chlorsuperlutin Days 5-24); and Antigest B (.075 mg mestranol Days 5-19, and .075 mg mestranol and 7 mg superlutin Days 20-24). The women were grouped as androgenic, asthenic with estrogen deficiency; hormonally balanced; or pyknotic type with estrogen excess. 72 women took androgenic pills: the normal women showed no changes. 4 of those with androgen excess developed hirsutism, acne, anabolism shown by a weight gain averaging 5 kg, all in the waist, decreased libido and vaginal orgasm, enlarged clitrois, and increased frequency of clitoral orgasm. The women with estrogen deficiency noted improved regulation of functional bleeding. 3 of 73 women who took sterolibrin had decreased libido and weight gain in breasts (6 cm) and hips (4 cm). 11 asthenic women averaging 55 kg in weight gained a mean of 3 kg in bust and hips, and saw increased libido and vaginal orgasm. 9 of 125 women who took Biogest, averaging 58 kg, gained 1 kg in bust and hips with loss in the waist. 2 women averaging 67 kg gained 2 kg, 3.5 cm in the waist. 4 women averaging 63.5 kg experienced loss of libido. Therefore, estrogenic pills would benefit androgenic women and vice versa, and a balanced pill suits normal women.

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