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J Immunol Methods. 1979;30(1):1-10.

Discontinuous density gradient separation of human mononuclear leucocytes using Percoll as gradient medium.


The use of a new commerically available medium (Percoll) for fractionation of human mononuclear leucocytes is described. Cells can be fractionated on the basis of their densities with high reproducibility. The separated cells were characterized by morphological and functional criteria. Monocytes can be obtained in the low density fractions with a purity of 70%--90%. Lymphocytes were found in high density fractions with a purity up to 99%. No separation between E-rosette forming (E-RFC) and surface immunoglobulin-bearing lymphocytes was obtained. However, a reduced number of high avidity E-rosette forming lymphocytes (HAE-RFC) was found within low density lymphocytes. Best spontaneous DNA synthesis and reaction in mixed leucocyte culture (MLC) were obtained with cells isolated from the 1.066/1.068 density interface, whereas the stimulation with phytohemagglutinin (PHA) or pokeweed mitogen (PWM) had a peak response with cells from the 1.064/1.066 density interface. Colony forming myelopoietic stem cells and colony forming T-lymphocytes were detected in fractions of low density.

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