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Lancet. 1973 Oct 27;2(7835):926-9.

Possible association between benign hepatomas and oral contraceptives.



7 case reports of women with benign hepatic adenoma suggest that, since all of the women were taking oral contraceptives (OCs), there may be an association between ingestion of exogenous hormones and development of benign hepatoma of the liver. The cases were rapidly diagnosed by using hepatic arteriography; prompt, precise diagnosis is emphasized because, though the tumors are benign, they may cause serious, if not fatal, hemorrhage if left unchecked. Case 1 was a 26-year-old woman who had taken Enovid for 2 years, who presented with acute abdomen and impending shock. Coliotomy was performed, in which a left-lobe hepatic tumor was found; she underwent left hepatectomy and cholecystectomy and no evidence of recurrence was found 1 year later. Case 2 had been taking Oracon for a unknown time. Case 3, on OCs for 6 years, had a pedunculated mobile tumor removed. Case 4, 25 years old, had been taking Ovral for 6 months before diagnosis and excision of a right lobe liver tumor. Case 5, 5 years on combined OCs, required surgical intervention for a hypervascular mass. Case 6, taking a total of 8 years of OC therapy, was operated on for an hepatic mass which was a white-to-yellow hemorrhagic mass. Case 7, taking Enovid for 7 years, yielded a surgical specimen that was hemorrhagic, partly necrotic, and yellow-tan, about 10 cm in diameter.

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