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Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 1977 Nov-Dec;4(6):585-8.

Inhibition of bovine cerebral cortex prostaglandin synthetase by phenoxybenzamine and cyproheptadine in vitro.


1. Bovine cerebral cortex (BCC) microsomes were isolated from fresh brain using standard techniques. 2. Two a-adrenoceptor antagonists (phenoxybenzamine and phentolamine) and two anti-serotonin compounds (cyproheptadine and cinanserine) were compared with the anti-inflammatory drugs indomethacin and keptoprofene for inhibition in vitro of prostaglandin (PC) synthetase. 3. Henoxybenzanine and cyproheptadine inhibited BCC PG synthetase in vitro, but their potency was 1% that of indomethacin and keptoprofene. Phentolamine and cinanserine did not inhibit PG synthetase in concentrations up to ten times the effective concentrations of the other test drugs. 4. It is suggested that the antipyrogenic effect of phenoxybenzamine and cyproheptadine may be due to their inhibitory effect on prostaglandin synthesis.

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