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J Virol. 1972 Oct;10(4):766-75.

Nonviral microbodies with viral antigenicity produced in cytomegalovirus-infected cells.


Masses of homogeneous electron-dense material accumulate in the cytoplasmic inclusions of cultured fibroblasts which have been infected with "wild" and "adapted" strains of human cytomegalovirus. The substance appears to be produced by microtubular membranes and the Golgi apparatus; ultrastructural histochemistry suggests that it is not lysosomal in nature nor is it comprised of lipids or polysaccharides. The dense material "buds" into cytoplasmic tubules forming circumscribed bodies having an investing membrane similar to the viral envelope. After transport to the extracellular milieu in cytoplasmic tubules and vesicles, virions and dense bodies can be demonstrated by immune electron microscopy. The homogeneous dense body appears to be a unique product of the cytomegalovirus-infected cell which possesses a limiting membrane having antigenic determinants common with the viral envelope.

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