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Biochem Genet. 1985 Oct;23(9-10):729-40.

Holozygosity for sex-linked genes in males of the termite Incisitermes schwarzi.


The termite Incisitermes schwarzi has multiple sex chromosomes that have arisen by repeated translocations between autosomes and previously existing sex chromosomes. Two sex-linked allozyme loci--Acp-1 and Est-3--are holozygous, not hemizygous, in males (the heterogametic sex). Both loci show less than 1% crossing-over between X and Y chromosomes, and alleles of both are in marked disequilibrium with respect to X vs Y linkage. The two loci assort independently in female meiosis, indicating that they lie on different sex chromosomes. But they are tightly linked in male meiosis because of nonrandom assortment of the multiple X and Y chromosomes in males of this species. The findings of holozygosity and strong linkage disequilibrium suggest that differential selection in the two sexes at or near these loci may be responsible for the establishment of the translocations in this species. The existence of active Y-linked alleles also suggests that the translocations may have occurred recently.

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