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Peptides. 1985 Sep-Oct;6(5):825-30.

Demonstration of beta-casomorphin immunoreactive materials in in vitro digests of bovine milk and in small intestine contents after bovine milk ingestion in adult humans.


Healthy young volunteers ingested one liter of cows' milk; then the contents of the small intestine were aspirated through an intestinal tube at various times and assayed for the presence of bovine beta-casomorphin immunoreactive materials. Considerable amounts of beta-casomorphin-7, but no beta-casomorphin-5 and only small amounts of beta-casomorphin-4 or -6 immunoreactive materials were found. Chromatographical characterization showed that most of the beta-casomorphin-7 immunoreactive material was not identical with beta-casomorphin-7, whereas the major part of the beta-casomorphin-4 or -6 immunoreactive materials might be identical with their corresponding beta-casomorphins. Analogous results were obtained for in vitro digestion of bovine milk which had been designed as a rough imitation of the gastrointestinal digestion process. A regulatory influence of beta-casomorphins as "food hormones" on intestinal functions is suggested.

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