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Neuroscience. 1985 Oct;16(2):275-96.

The topographic order of inputs to nucleus accumbens in the rat.


Afferents to the nucleus accumbens have been studied with the retrograde transport of unconjugated wheatgerm agglutinin as detected by immunohistochemistry using the peroxidase-antiperoxidase method, in order to define precisely afferent topography from the cortex, thalamus, midbrain and amygdala. Cortical afferent topography was extremely precise. The largest number of cells was found following injections to the anterior accumbens. Anteromedial injections labelled a very large extent of the subiculum and part of the entorhinal cortex. Anterolateral injections produced less subicular and entorhinal label but also labelled the posterior perirhinal cortex. Posteromedial injections labelled only the ventral subiculum and a few cells in the adjacent medial entorhinal cortex. Posterolateral injections labelled few lateral entorhinal neurones but did label a long anteroposterior strip of perirhinal cortex. Prefrontal cortex label was found only after anterior accumbens injections. In the amygdala labelled neurones were found in cortical, central, lateral posterior, anteromedial and basolateral nuclei. Basolateral amygdala projected chiefly to the anteromedial accumbens and central nucleus to anterolateral accumbens. Only a weak amygdala label was found after posterior accumbens injections. In the ventral tegmental area, the midline interfascicular nucleus projected only to medial accumbens. The paranigral ventral tegmentum projected chiefly to the medial accumbens and the parabrachial area chiefly to the lateral accumbens. In the thalamus, heaviest label was found after anterior accumbens injections. Most cells were found in the paraventricular, reuniens and rhomboid nuclei and at posterior thalamic levels lying medial to the fasciculus retroflexus. There was only restricted topography found from thalamic sites. Retrograde label was also found in the ventral pallidum and lateral hypothalamus. Single small injection sites within accumbens received input from the whole anteroposterior extent of the thalamus and ventral tegmentum. The medial accumbens was found to have a close relationship to habenula, globus pallidus and interfascicular nucleus. It appeared that the heaviest volume of inputs projected to anteromedial accumbens, where output from hippocampus (CAI), subiculum, entorhinal and prefrontal cortices converged with output from amygdala, midline thalamus and ventral tegmentum.

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