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J Comp Psychol. 1985 Dec;99(4):420-36.

Ultrasonic vocalizing by adult female mice (Mus musculus).


Though an extensive body of literature exists concerning the emission of 70-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations by adult male mice (Mus musculus), almost nothing is known about the ultrasonic vocalizing of adult females. A series of five experiments was conducted to examine adult female mouse ultrasound emission. Results indicated female ultrasonic vocalizing to be typically displayed among female mouse dyads and comparable to the ultrasonic vocalizing levels obtained among male-female pairs. Genotypically based variations in the production of ultrasounds by females were also noted. Like male mice, socially naive females readily ultrasonically vocalized to anesthetized female conspecifics and rarely vocalized to anesthetized males. Unlike males, socially experienced females emitted few ultrasounds to either female urine or female-soiled cage shavings. Although social experience served to increase the ultrasound emission of male mice to female sex cues, the production of ultrasounds by females to these cues was decreased by social experience. Implications with regard to the existence of a behavioral/functional sexual dimorphism in adult mouse ultrasonic vocalizing are discussed.

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