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Can J Comp Med. 1985 Oct;49(4):429-33.

Atrial septal defect of the persistent ostium primum type with hypoplastic right ventricle in a Welsh pony foal.


Valvular competency of the foramen ovale (patent foramen ovale) is regarded as a common finding in the neonatal foal and usually occurs in isolation. True atrial septal defects appear to be uncommon and are usually associated with other congenital cardiac lesions. The present report describes a case of atrial septal defect type 1 (persistent ostium primum) complicated by hypoplastic right ventricle, and tricuspid dysplasia, in a Welsh Mountain pony foal, and discusses the embryogenesis of the abnormality. A critical review of the literature suggests that atrial septal defects may occur more frequently than they are reported, and that on occasion they may be described erroneously as patent foramen ovale. The clinical significance of uncomplicated discontinuity of the atrial septum is slight, depending upon the size and location of the defect. Complicated atrial septal defects vary in clinical significance according to the nature of the associated defects.

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