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Mol Gen Genet. 1977 Jun 8;153(2):219-25.

DNA repair in Bacillus subtilis. II. Activation of the inducible system in competent bacteria.


Competent B. subtilis are more UV sensitive than the non-competent population of the culture. This increased sensitivity is lose in mutants unable to induce the 'SOS system' (recA1,, recG13), in mutants defective in the induction of prophage PBSX (xin), and in late stage competent cells. Moreover, bacteriophage phi 105 produced from transfected cells are less restricted on strain YB880 than bacteriophage produced from infected cells. Therefore, competent cells (those capable of being transfected) have a DNA modification system, whereas the average log phase cell does not. These data support the hypothesis that the development of competence is correlated with the activation of derepression of the "SOS" system in B. subtilis.

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